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FAQ- Jewelry


The pieces that are found under the "jewelry" category is all classified as costume and is made of base metal which is plated with gold or silver coloring. Irritation, allergic reactions, sensitivity, or turning and/or discoloring of the jewelry may occur over time. These pieces are fun and trendy and a great addition to your wardrobe, however, they react differently to each individual. Some customers paint their ear posts with clear nail polish and some need to always buy 18 caret gold- it really just depends on you, how the jewelry is cared for and how it is stored. We recommend that you always keep your metals separated. Mixing them will cause the pieces to turn faster and lose quality. Damaged or broken costume jewelry is non-fixable, non-exchangable, & non-returnable.


Silver will naturally tarnish when exposed to the air, so storing it in an airtight container (ziplocks work great!) will help to minimize the amount of care necessary. To maintain the matte finish, you can use a toothbrush with any white toothpaste, or even bon-ami household cleaner.


A gold filled piece of jewelry is a thick, solid piece of 14K gold, mechanically boned to a base metal. It is strictly a regulated process.  All of the gold is actually on the outside, which makes its name a bit confusing! The thick, outer layer of gold make it safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin.  Gold filled is a high quality metal without the price of solid gold.


A gold plated piece of jewelry is a thin layer of gold that varies in thickness due to the fact that it is not regulated.  It is done with a quick "flash plating" over a base metal.  Gold plating is good process for very trendy jewlery because it will not last very long. It will eventually start to peel and fade.  Also called "vermeil" when the base metal is over sterling silver.